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Another most powerful way to prepare babies for school, is through exposure to these independent play, learn, grow and explore toys. These educational toys are specifically designed with preschool contents to help your child under the basics of all lessons.

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With so much information, resources and technology, we encourage young parents to support their children learning exposure with a wide skill-based material aside from the “classroom Thought lesson’.

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Do you know that early stimulation can help overcome speech delay?

It’s so easy now to supportively prepare your child right from birth, Simply by sourcing the basic interactive learning materials covering;

  • Storybooks (Develop a reading culture) helps boost your child vocabulary and reduces issues of speech delay
  • Introduce Activity time (Lego building, coloring, fun counting, sensory activities, etc)
  • Educational toys for independent learn through play, explore and discover
  • . Rhyme Time (video, rhyme sound books, toys, etc) together you help sing along with your child
  • and many more

At Smart Kidz Palace, you have access to a wide range of children learning materials

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I was recently asked ”Do u have a reading club or something”❓

Then I said ”No please”
I’m more about this👇
Smart Kidz palace creates a voice of parental awareness on EARLY LEARNING and offers a one-stop store with 70% focus on babies and toddlers learning experience.
Lack of awareness, makes our toddlers arrive in school unprepared to learn. That’s when they start school.
(This’s actually one of the GLOBAL LEARNING CRISIS dimensions )
Together let’s save our future

Reading to baby during pregnancy

It is scientifically proven that learning begins from the womb. Reading, singing/playing music to a baby while in the womb positively influences baby’s early learning.

Reading to your baby while pregnant greatly promotes mother-child or father-child bonding.

It literary sharpens baby’s listening skills and create positive impact on your child.

Good luck ! Baby is likely to enjoy listening to your reading. With wonderful daddy’s support.

You may want to get any of these amazing soother toy home before baby arrive.