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Classic 5years learning pack


Effective learning improve quality education and chances for future success.


The “K” in “K-12” starts here! From the alphabet to reading readiness, from numbers 0-20 to transition math and shapes and measurements, this world-class 320-page workbook is designed to give kids all the basics for kindergarten and help set the stage for first grade. Cover to cover it’s packed with colorful, creative practice in early math and reading skills. Logic and critical thinking grow, too. Bold, bright colors and illustrations create curiosity and maximize motivation for the excitement and challenge of the “K” curriculum. When all done little learners can fill in their name on their very own reward certificate!  Tear-out pages make for easy sharing. Along the way, tear-out pages make for easy sharing. School Zone products give kids their own Anywhere Teacher  learning, anywhere and anytime!

Vocabulary Puzzles; Area of skills


  • vocabulary
  • long vowels
  • short vowels
  • problem-solving
  • critical thinking
  • classifying
  • following directions

Tracing trails; Pre-writing skill

What’s so important about tracing? It’s the first step in learning to write! Each one-page lesson helps children gain valuable eye-hand coordination and other pre-writing skills. Letter-tracing exercises help your child recognize everyday signs and shapes, while the challenging assortment of mazes takes your child on fun-filled adventures that improve coordination. Help your child build a solid foundation for writing success.


Plus 11-in-1 Story book.



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Knowledge is power!

Effective learning improve quality education and chances for future success.


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