LeapFrog Letter Band Phonics Jam / 2years+

Band together and jam with Tad and his letter friends. Each member of the band sings its own name and the sound it makes. Accompanying the letters are seven musical instruments that light up as they play. Slide over to Jukebox mode to create your own music by pressing the letter and instrument buttons. When the gig is over, it’s time to learn! Follow along with Tad to spell three-letter words or play a game that tests phonics and letter skills. Sing and learn with all the letters of the alphabet!


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  • Tad and his letter factory friends sing their letter names and sounds and show children how to spell three-letter words
  • Light-up instrument buttons accompany the letter band by saying their names and playing their sounds and music
  • Tad leads the letter band by playing his guitar and singing the ABC song in addition to playing a fun phonics challenge
  • Explore a wide selection of interactive activities through five learning modes that include letters & phonics, spelling, game, music and jukebox


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