Spiral Baby Plush Toy / 0months+

Are you worried about choosing toys for your child?

This spiral hanging toy is designed to help babies grow healthier.

It helps to improve their recognition, learning, talking and coordination skills through interaction with parents.

This plush toy is a good partner for any baby to grow up.


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You can easily wrap the soft toy around car seat handle, stroller bar, bassinet or crib, allow baby to play anytime.

By reaching, batting, grabbing, squeezing the musical toy, not only can strengthen baby’s muscle, hand-eye coordination, but also develop tactile, visual and auditory ability.

It’s designed with a variety of different colors, textures and shapes, the bright and multi-functional toy will attract baby’s attention and keep them having fun playing wherever.

Colourful Bright and multiple colours to stimulate baby’s colour recognition, prevent baby crying and make your baby fun and an excellent gift for newborns.



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