Vtech Alphabet Apple / 2years+

Take a bite out of learning with the Alphabet Apple!

Eight learning activities teach animals, objects, words, phonics, letters, spelling and more. Press the light-up alphabet buttons to learn the name and sound of the letters and hear 26 melodies and sound effects. The learning toy also features a cute, interactive worm that sings songs. The movable clock hand introduces time concepts. The leaf-shaped handle makes it easy for on-the-go learning fun.


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  • Interactive toddler learning toy with light-up talking worm slider; 26 light-up letter buttons, movable clock hand and carry handle for portability
  • Alphabet toy worm acts as the guide during games and learning; the clock has a movable hand that introduces time concepts
  • Features 8 toddler learning activities with different progressive learning levels; introduces phonics, words, time concepts, music and more
  • Early learning center comes with 29 songs and melodies with blinking lights that promote verbal and visual discovery


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